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signzz Verklebeanleitung Decals



!!! If not other stated, the decals are for the inside mounting of windows !!!

Step 1: dip the decal for about 30 seconds in lukewarm water


Step 2: place decal + backing paper on the window (paper down on surface)


Step 3: gently press the decal on on one side and pull out the backing paper on the other side. If required you can adjust the decal now


Step 4: smooth down the decal with the greasy side of the backing paper


Step 5: gently press the decal on on one side and carefully squeeze out any remaining air bubbles and surplus water with a squeegee, creditcard or the like


Step 6: wipe away remaining water from the decal and window with a paper towel


Step 7: let dry 24 hours. After drying you can clean the window as before however don´t use any sharp or raw items for it